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Google TrendsSimply put, Google Trends gives you detailed information about search engine optimization. It’s a handy and key tool to use to improve your SEO. So what exactly is Google Trend ? GT tells marketers, for example, how many times a specific search term was being searched in a time period, and where it was being searched.This helps marketers to: Find geographic specific searches; to discover in which part of the world people are searching for precise information, and make comparisons between search terms to fine-tune their SEO. In this post we’ll examine the ways in which Google Trends can be used beneficially by marketing people.

How Google Trends Works For You

Hot Search List: Google Trends’ Hot Search list will enable you to see a list of terms/names being most searched in the world in the present time. To your blog post insert a keyword from this list and make it a piece of the trend and relevant. Traffic to your blog will then increase as it becomes part of a growing trend.

Top Charts: This new Google Trend is great for bloggers who want to add flavor to their posts, boost SEO and raise their conversions. You get to see the most popular ad trending topics of all categories – and you can really add some excitement by clicking Top Charts and selecting your own Hollywood or musical star of the day!

Keyword Research: Use Google Trends for keyword research as it enables you to know trending keywords and will suggest related keywords. If you use it along with other SEO tools, you will score over your competitors.

Explore: Pick a keyword term from GT’s explore section and a Google graphic will tell you where the term’s trending. You will also get better, related terms below the graph, divided into ‘rising’ and ‘top’. Select a keyword specific to a geographical area and you will be able to get a stream of fresh traffic from that area. GT gives you region-wise search data. It’s particularly helpful for Geo-targeted PPC or local SEO.

Trend Analysis: Trend Analysis will help you learn what’s trending in an explicit industry so you will be able to sell your service or product effectively. This will also help you know what to link or use for your site SEO.

Brand Supervision: Google Trends enables you to check the popularity of your brand compared to your rivals’. You can understand your brand better by checking product searches, web, news, images etc. On the basis of what people are speaking about your brand you can know what they want.

Better Writing Ideas: Since Google Trends helps to understand reading patterns on social media networks, you can use it to improve your writing as you will now know all your reader’s requirements in a specific niche.

In sum, Google Trends is a remarkable tool for the following reasons: It helps to understand industry, product and brand trends; to make competitor comparisons; keyword research for specific industries; comparison of blog popularity and for content creation. It may not be a great in-depth tool, but it’s been useful to get the big picture, insights into your niche and tracking trends if you are creating content/resources.

Trending and Link Building

We know what’s trending, but it’s difficult to know why it’s trending. There are certain patterns to trending which experts have defined as different stages in popular trends. The idea is, know the time something is trending and use that knowledge well for link building. We know what’s trending when a big thing happens in our nation or world, when a big announcement is made or when something big is launched.

To enhance your link building you must split the trending keyword phrases and optimize your content against those keywords to start being seen in search results. Let’s see some examples of this:

  • The most trending stuff is big news and so using them for optimization can be problematic. You have to select keywords that are linked to the event. If it’s the Queen of England’s anniversary, then ‘queen’ ‘royal’ and ‘anniversary’ will be trending on the social media platforms.
  • Big announcements are generally made after something has gained momentum, like a leak of the release date of the latest series a blockbuster movie. The words like ‘leaked’ or ‘release’ will be terrific keywords.
  • When disavow tool was launched, keywords like ‘new features’ and ‘release date’ got great search volume. The same thing happens when a big thing is launched in shops, like a trendy toy for example.

The Google Trends tool must be a part of your link building strategy. It must not be a substitute for your keyword research and optimization endeavors. Remember, Google Trends is a great early stage tool. SEOs must therefore test it out a bit before using it full scale.

Working with Google Trends

When doing a search on GT, you will get four parameters or variables. They are Web Search, Worldwide, 2004-Present and All Categories. In Web Search, you can choose from News search, Image search, YouTube search, Google shopping. In Worldwide, you can select a country of your choice. In 2004-Present, you can choose a time slot like the last 7 days; last 30 days; last 90 days; last 12 months or select a year. Under All Categories, you have a range to select from like Autos and Vehicles, Books and Literature, Computers and Electronics and so on.

working with google trends

Why Some People Overlook Google Trends…

Google Trends is being overlooked, says an SEO expert and lays down some reasons for this. He believes that because it’s an ‘old product’ search engine optimizers don’t like it. Incidentally, Google Trends was introduced on May 10, 2006.

  • Some feel that GT provides an overview and no detailed information. Therefore it’s tough to get precise results from GT. For that you need terms that are highly searched – head terms – and search modifiers, particularly exact match search “ ”.
  • For every aspect of Google Trends – like competitor comparison, keyword research and so on – there are better individual tools available.
  • GT can be puzzled when some brand names are exactly the same as common words, like ‘Distilled’, for instance.
  • It’s believed that Google Trends is only good to track big events on the net and not niche research.

The point to remember is to use Google Trends as an initial phase tool to get a first peep into an industry. Use it to get the overall picture and use advanced tools to dig deep into that industry. In other words as its name suggests, Google Trends helps you to understand trends of products and brands.

Does it Help Calculate Market Demand?

You can use Google Trends to find out if there are real market opportunities for you out there for your product or service, if your search volume is falling and to the right for various phrases near your offerings you’ll know that the search for this subject is small. There may plenty of causes for this, yet you must do some rethinking about your momentum. Again when you recognize phrases that are noticeably varied in size and are moving up and to the right in a time period you can track topics around which you can create content for there exists proof of a demand.

Google Trends vs. Google Keyword Planner

What’s the difference between Google Trends and Google’s Keyword Planner Tool?  Both rely on current and historical information that is a reaction to the norms you set, but there’s a striking difference.

The keyword Planner tool tells you the estimated traffic numbers that the tools provide. They are an estimate which could be unreliable due to seasonal trends or some happening in the market.

Summing Up

Google Trends is a great tool which helps you to identify search and demand trends. It can be used for other things besides SEO. Fluctuating search demand affects all aspects of a business. It may also reflect offline market movements too. The data that it provides is very useful; you can use it for your marketing strategy. Google Trends, along with other tools, can give you a deep and a different perspective of things. But you have to keep on investigating, researching and exploring other online niches. What’s good for one sector may not be good for another. So keep this in mind when you use Google Trends for your SEO.

adminGoogleGoogle Trends,SEOSimply put, Google Trends gives you detailed information about search engine optimization. It’s a handy and key tool to use to improve your SEO. So what exactly is Google Trend ? GT tells marketers, for example, how many times a specific search term was being searched in a time...Team Search Engine Blog - News, updates, useful tips & reviews
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